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Top 6 reasons why semitruck accidents happen

Common sense tells you that when a passenger vehicle gets into a collision with a semitruck, the semitruck's weight and size will result in catastrophic damage -- and the possibility of fatal injuries -- to anyone inside the passenger car. In order to prevent these accidents from happening, semitruck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers need to learn about their common causes so they can avoid them.

Mom of man killed in semitruck crash hopes to change the law

A Tennessee mother is trying to change federal law following the death of her son in a semitruck crash. The woman is lamenting the death of her son, and hoping it won't be in vain. In her effort to honor her son's memory, she spent the last days of August in Washington, D.C., to talk about trucking safety in round table discussions with leaders from the insurance and trucking industries.

Shouldn't school buses have seatbelts?

A school bus crash is particularly dangerous to the student riders inside the bus. Not only is it rare for students in a bus to use a seatbelt, but there is no legal requirement for buses to have seatbelts installed, so in many cases, riders do not even have the option to use them. This means that even in a relatively minor bus accident, riders can get thrown around and suffer injuries.

Were you partially at fault for a truck accident?

At Chancey, Kavanos, Love & Painter, we have represented a lot of plaintiffs in car and semitruck accidents. Something that we have come to know for sure in all of our experience is that no two motor vehicle crashes are the same. Another thing we've come to learn is that the issue of "fault" is never cut and dry.

Educating drivers in the hope of decreasing truck accidents

With the beginning of July comes summer holidays and the obvious increase of traffic on the highways across Tennessee. A joint operation between highway traffic authorities and a local trucking association was launched just before the Independence Day holiday weekend aimed at creating awareness among motorists about the bigger vehicles sharing the roads with them. The main purpose of the operation is to decrease the number of truck accidents on U.S highways.  

Recent Tennessee truck accidents: Tour bus and semi truck collide

An accident that involved a semi truck, as well as a tour bus, occurred recently, authorities say. The accident took place near Cookeville around noon on a recent Wednesday in November. When truck accidents like these occur, Tennessee motorists are often left seriously injured.

Proper investigation necessary after truck accident

It's common for a driver to feel a little nervous passing a large commercial truck. Maybe while driving down Interstate 75 -- in your modest-sized vehicle -- you get a little nervous driving next to a huge commercial truck, one that weights tens of thousands of pounds. If so, know that you are not alone.

When brakes fail in truck accidents, injury and damage often resu

In the event of a passenger vehicle's brakes malfunctioning, the resultant damage can be significant. However, given the immense size and mass of any sort of truck, when truck brakes fail and truck accidents occur, the outcome can be catastrophic. A recent truck accident in Tennessee in which this occurred luckily ended much better than is often the case.

If these numbers could talk, what would we learn? p2

We're continuing our discussion from our March 30, 2015, post. We were looking at truck accident statistics published on the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security's website. We were wondering whether the state took any contributing factors (aside from alcohol impairment) into account when analyzing the data. Was there a weather pattern, for example, that proved particularly dangerous for truckers in the state? What about compliance issues or road construction projects?

If these numbers could talk, what would we learn?

The website of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has posted some interesting county-by-county comparisons of motor vehicle accidents. For example, Montgomery County reported the state's highest number of deer crashes every year from 2004 to 2013. Other counties have come close, but none has surpassed. What's more, the number of crashes in Montgomery County has increased during the same period: 252 in 2004 and 413 in 2013.