Cleveland Orders of Protection Attorneys

When a protection order or restraining order is filed in Tennessee, many people don't know the effect it can have on their lives and rights.

Individuals who have an order of protection issued against them cannot own a gun or ammunition, and any conceal and carry permit application will be rejected. When the order is reflected on someone's record, it can have serious implications for future employment — certain organizations may choose to not hire someone with an order on his or her record. These issues can also seriously impact visitation and custody for both fathers and mothers.

It also happens all too often that any accusation can morph into a crime when an order of protection is placed on someone. As such, if a Protection order is issued on you or a loved one, it should be treated with utmost seriousness and fought aggressively.

It's also worth pointing out that protection orders filed may be motivated by concerns outside the safety of the applicant, including intimidation, revenge or scorn. In these cases, a thorough investigation may result in the order being dropped. — the key is to act quickly by partnering with an experienced attorney.

Tennessee Protection Order Lawyer

We at Chancey, Kanavos, Love & Painter understand what's at stake in these cases and have extensive experience defending against protection orders. We are ready to take our holistic approach to investigation and aggressive advocacy to work tirelessly toward a best possible outcome.

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