Cleveland Child Support Lawyers

The changes in finance caused by a divorce can have a substantial impact on the livelihood and welfare of a family.

When it comes to working with child support issues, it's important to note that time is of the essence. There can be a significant delay between initial application for support and when benefits are actually paid. By partnering with an experienced attorney, you can efficiently move the process along and get the benefits to which you may be entitled.

Tennessee Spousal Support Attorney

As lawyers we are committed to understanding your financial situation and aggressively advocating for you so that you can arrive at the best possible financial resolution as soon as possible. We understand the financial pressures that can come during these times of transition, and that understanding drives our approach.

We are committed to getting the court involved as soon as possible in these matters; we will quickly file a pleading with the court to schedule a hearing. In addition we're able to work on issues including:

  • Arrears
  • Contempt
  • Enforcement
  • Garnishment
  • Motions to modify

There are many factors to be considered when determining support, including marriage length, age and earning histories of the parties, and child care duties during the marriage.

It can't be overstated how important it is to work decisively on these issues. If you are dealing with them, we encourage you to reach out as soon as possible to begin working with us.

To go over any aspect of child and/or spousal support in a free initial consultation with a one of our Cleveland child support attorneys, call 423-380-9243 or e-mail us.