Cleveland Car Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, there are likely a number of questions on your mind:

  • How will I take care of property damage?
  • How will I deal with the insurance adjusters who are contacting me?
  • How will I deal with bills and lost revenue as I recover?
  • How will I pay for medical expenses?

These questions can be confusing and overwhelming. There are always representatives from the insurance company who are involved and who are actively trying to minimize compensation paid to injured parties. These representatives and adjusters know the law. You need someone who will look out for your interests and who knows the law.

Tennessee Personal Injury Compensation Lawyer

At Chancey, Kanavos, Love & Painter, we understand the confusing and complex web of issues that befall people as a result of just being involved in an accident. People go from their normal day-to-day lives to constantly having to deal with financial and medical concerns on a regular basis. Because we understand the difficulty and pain that can come with car accidents, we are here to aggressively advocate and do what's right in the interest of the injured.

It's important to point out that you should never give a statement to an insurance adjuster. Before you talk to them, talk to us.

As with every personal injury case, we work exclusively on contingency and never collect any attorney fees unless we are able to obtain compensation for our clients.

To discuss any aspect of accident insurance claims in a free initial consultation with one of our Cleveland car accident lawyers, call 423-380-9243 or e-mail us.