Cleveland Social Security Disability Attorneys

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) pays benefits to you and certain family members if you qualify for "insured" status, meaning you worked long enough (five of the past 10 years) and paid Social Security taxes.

In practice, insured status is based on a calculation of lifetime earnings. Unlike Social Security Supplemental income (SSI), there aren't any asset or income requirements for SSD that can disqualify claimants.

It's important to note that a significant majority of claims are initially denied. This rejection often leaves claimants unsure of how to proceed and questioning whether or not they will be able to obtain benefits. The initial denial often results from unprepared claimants failing to provide information to support their claim applications. If no further action is taken to pursue an appeal by supplementing the evidence file, a claim will continue to be denied.

Tennessee Denied Disability Lawyer

Partnering with an experienced attorney is the way to ensure you take the ideal steps toward success in SSD claims. We at Chancey, Kanavos, Love & Painter are committed to bringing our experience to your SSD claim in order to handle it as quickly as possible so that we can efficiently get the benefits to which you may be entitled. In SSD cases, we work exclusively on contingency and do not collect any fees unless we are able to obtain the benefits you deserve.

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