5 Things to Do After a Car Accident

No one wants to be in car accident. But if you are, do you know what to do?

Remember the recent 17-car pileup on Paul Huff Parkway in Cleveland, TN? Here are some tips that will help in a tangle or a single car accident.

1. First and foremost - remain calm. Car accidents are chaotic, traumatic and potentially life threatening. In order to handle the situation, you have to keep a clear mind and focus on these tips.

2. Check if you or anyone else has obvious injuries. If so, call 911 immediately. If not, and the cars are on a busy street and drivable, it's best to move them off the roadway. Then call the police. This seems counterintuitive for later insurance and/or police investigations. But remember, your safety is the most important issue here!

3. Gather information at the scene of the car accident. This includes details about the other driver (name, address, phone, email, insurance company and policy number) and their car (make, model and license plate). This can be easily captured with the camera on your phone or a disposable camera kept in your glove compartment. Also, take pictures of all damage on both vehicles, and ask for contact information from any potential witnesses.

4. While you are remaining calm and completing these steps, watch what you say to anyone - this includes the police. Never admit guilt or say "sorry" since the facts may later prove that you were not at fault.

5. Call your insurance company within 24 hours and contact a personal injury lawyer. As the shock wears off, you may find that you have injuries. So go to the doctor immediately, get a copy of the police report and contact Chancey, Kanavos, Love & Painter in Cleveland, TN if you need our assistance after your car accident.

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