Hurt in a Car Accident?

It's important to know what to do if you've been hurt in a car accident. You might be entitled to compensation for injuries and/or property damage. So keep these steps in mind:

1. Go to the doctor. You may feel fine immediately after the car accident and think that a doctor visit is not necessary. However, you may have symptoms a few days later. The longer you wait to seek medical evaluation, the harder it can be to prove that the car wreck caused your injuries. It's best to go to the doctor ASAP for your health and your claim.

2. Document everything. This means taking pictures of your injuries and damage to your car as soon as possible. Also, take notes on everything you can remember about the car accident. You will also want to write down contact information of all doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals.

3. Get copies of all official paperwork. A few days after the car accident, get a copy of the police report. You will also need copies of all your medical records. Remember to save receipts for doctor visits, prescriptions and any other medical device needed for your injuries (braces, crutches, etc.)

4. Watch what you say and don't sign anything. Never admit fault to anyone involved (the other party, police, passengers in your car, insurance agents). Car accidents are traumatic events and you need time to clear your mind.

5. Contact a personal injury lawyer. Call our office for a free consultation before agreeing to any insurance settlement or signing any legal documents. We'll help you through the whole process.

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