CKLP faces Ford Motor Company in TN Supreme Court!

The Cleveland, TN law firm of Chancey, Kanavos, Love & Painter faced Ford Motor Company in the Tennessee Supreme Court!

The two petitioners in this case, who filed suit against Ford Motor Company, were represented by H. Franklin Chancey and two other attorneys. The case involved personal injury in a vehicle accident. In this instance, the petitioners (or plaintiffs) did not initially name the driver of the truck as a defendant.

When Ford Motor Company filed its answer, they named both the plaintiffs and the driver "as persons who caused or brought about the accident." Michael S. Becker et al. v. Ford Motor Company. In response, the plaintiffs filed two motions - 1) to add the driver "as a party to whom fault could be apportioned," and 2) to "file an amended complaint." Michael S. Becker et al. v. Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company was opposed to these two motions. They asserted that the plaintiffs could not invoke a certain Tennessee law (Tenn. Code Ann. §20-1-119) because they knew the identity of the driver and how he was involved in the accident before the original statute of limitations expired.

This became the question that will define an important point of law for Tennesseans!

While it may seem unlikely that a small law firm in Cleveland, TN could successfully represent clients against the resources of a major corporate entity - that is exactly what happened! By implementing our research skills and understanding of the intricacies of legal matters, Chancey, Kanavos, Love & Painter represented "David" against "Goliath" - the Ford Motor Company.

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