Motorcycle Accidents and Helmet Laws

Tennessee law requires that motorcycle riders wear helmets. Not everyone agrees with this law, but the facts show that helmets can save your life in a motorcycle accident. Also, it can determine the amount you can receive in damages if you have a head or neck injury.

If you are in a motorcycle accident and sustain an injury to your head or neck while wearing a helmet, this is an important part of your claim. Wearing a helmet helps your recovery claim in two ways. First, it demonstrates that your carefulness protected you from sustaining worse injuries. Also, it can help illuminate the dangerous actions of the other driver as evidenced by potentially worse injuries had you not been wearing a helmet.

In the same motorcycle accident, without a helmet, you may be severely limited on recovering compensation for head and neck injuries. You will be considered partially responsible since you chose not to wear a helmet. This is particularly important in Tennessee since the "universal" helmet law (that applies to operator and passenger, all ages and experience levels) automatically means that you are comparatively negligent even if the accident is not your fault. Also, in Tennessee, violation of the helmet law is a misdemeanor.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that for every 100 motorcyclists who are not wearing a helmet and killed in an accident, 37 of them would have been saved if they had been wearing a helmet. Ride safely, wear a helmet at all times, and contact us if you've been hurt in a motorcycle accident.

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