Personal Injury: What Can You Claim?

What you can claim in monetary compensation for a personal injury falls within two major categories called 'compensatory damages' and 'punitive damages.'

Most people are familiar with compensatory damages - the dollar amount that will make you "whole" or return you to a point prior to the personal injury. What you can claim in this category includes the following common groups of damages:

o Income. This can include what the personal injury has cost you in salary and wages to the present AND what it may cost you in the future if you are found to have 'loss of earning potential.'

o Medical Bills. Your past and future medical treatment costs may be awarded.

o Property damage or loss. Repairs and reimbursements are part of compensatory damages.

o Pain and suffering. This can include past, present and future or ongoing discomfort caused by the personal injury.

o Emotional distress. These damages are generally associated with serious personal injury and relate to psychological impacts

o Loss of enjoyment. Compensatory damages can even include monetary amounts for losing the ability to enjoy hobbies, recreational activities and other quality of life pursuits.

Punitive damages are monetary 'penalties' that are awarded when the liable (or 'at fault') party's conduct is extremely outrageous or careless.

The amount of money you can claim for each of these categories can be determined during a negotiation with the other party or in a trial. In either instance, it is highly advisable to consult with our firm so that you receive adequate and fair compensation for your personal injury case.

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