How to Help with Your Personal Injury Claim

In the midst of the stress and pain related to a personal injury claim, there are four keys points to remember that will help you succeed.

First, remain calm. This can be challenging since emotions run high when you've been hurt and/or your vehicle has been damaged. Keep in mind that insurance adjusters will not respond well to hysterics or hateful language. It is better to calmly present your facts as a demonstration of your good-faith claim.

Secondly, stay organized. Lots of information and documentation is required for a personal injury claim, and you should keep good records of everything. This includes conversations, due dates and all your supporting paperwork, such as medical records.

Next, be persistent. When you talk with insurance adjusters, politely ask when they will be taking the next steps in your personal injury claim. Then, record these dates, and follow-up with a written letter to confirm all conversations. Avoid the temptation to call every day since this is unlikely to move your claim forward! If the date arrives with no reply, call and request action. If reasonable responses are not made, it is time to consult with an experienced attorney.

Finally, keep a patient attitude. Getting the best possible result takes time. Impatience benefits the insurance companies, who prefer that you accept the first offer. Our personal injury attorneys will guide you through this negotiation period so you can receive a just settlement.

Whether you are dealing directly with an insurance adjuster or working with a personal injury attorney, these key points will smooth the process and help minimize the stress you experience.

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