Injured in a Car Accident with a Delivery Truck?

If you were injured in a car accident and the other party was driving a company delivery truck, who is responsible for compensating you? You may be surprised to learn that the driver and the driver's employer might be liable.

One of the main issues in a car accident is finding out which party is at fault. This is usually decided by examining which driver did not operate their vehicle with reasonable care or caution, referred to as a determination of "negligence."

If the driver of the delivery truck was responsible for your accident, the law states that the employer may also be held liable. Even though the employer was not at the scene of the accident, the relationship of employer-employee makes the company responsible for the acts of their employees.

However, there is one important consideration that must be met - the driver must have been performing job duties at the time of accident. If, for example, the driver in your car accident was making deliveries in a company vehicle, acted negligently, and caused your injuries, their employer may be responsible for damages also. But, if the same driver was using the company delivery truck on the weekend for personal reasons, the employer may escape liability.

Our personal injury attorneys have represented many clients in this type of situation. Each case is unique. So we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation about the details of your car accident.

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