What is a personal injury case settlement?

If you have suffered a personal injury, there are several avenues to pursue for compensation. One of these is called a "settlement."

When you are working with our attorneys on your personal injury claim, you may have the option of settling your case. This means that, in return for dropping your case, you would "settle" for a specific amount of money. This option can be explored at any point after your lawsuit is filed, which includes before a trial and after a trial before a verdict is reached.

It takes a high level of experience and negotiating skill to arrive at a fair settlement since many factors can affect your claim. For example, if your personal injury case involves an insurance company, they have professional adjusters working to limit your compensation. These adjusters will likely question and demand proof of coverage and liability. Then they will require facts relating to the severity of your injuries and the exact nature of the proposed medical treatments.

Handling this process alone can lead to significant mistakes. Our office will work through all of the issues that affect your claim and help you get a fair result. We have the experience to craft an appropriate demand letter, answer all questions (legitimate or not) from the opposing side, and protect your interests.

Our experience in trying injury cases over the last twenty-five years allows us to evaluate your case. This advice is critically important when you're trying to decide whether to accept a settlement.

Let us help you evaluate your personal injury case, and assist you in getting the justice you deserve!

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