Medical Malpractice Examples

While there are many examples of medical malpractice that might lead to a lawsuit, the following are some common instances that could lead to a claim:

· Bed sores because an incapacitated patient was not regularly turned

· An injury from incorrect transport or lifting

· Sponges or instruments unaccounted for after surgery

· Mistakes during childbirth such as incorrect monitoring of an unborn child's heartbeat or umbilical cord prolapse

· Mistakes in anesthesia monitoring

· Giving medicines that have fatal allergen documentation

· Missing a diagnosis (such as heart disease, cancer or deep vein thrombosis among others) during a medical exam

· Failure to treat appendicitis

As in all cases of medical malpractice, these examples must cause harm or injury to the patient. It is not enough for the healthcare professional to have made any of these mistakes. If you were not harmed, there is no option for a lawsuit. The law can be very complex in a medical malpractice case, and you should seek the advice and guidance from one of our experienced attorneys.

It's important to note that, although these are examples of medical malpractice, there are other requirements needed to pursue a lawsuit. For example, it will need to be determined if the treatment fell below a medical "standard of care," which then caused the injury. This will likely require an expert witness and specific documents to be filed.

You should contact our office for assistance with the complicated legalities surrounding this type of claim.

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