Personal Injury at an Amusement Park

With summer approaching, a family trip to the amusement park or fair grounds may be in your plans. Be aware that children are the most vulnerable to personal injury. Should this unfortunate incident occur, you may be able to bring a claim.

Personal injuries at amusement parks range from lacerations to death (falling or drowning) and can include spinal cord injury, stroke, brain trauma and aneurysms. While rides can have an inherent nature of danger to them, this does not relieve the park or its employees from a safety standard.

The two most common claims for personal injury at an amusement park are based on negligence and product liability.

The park and/or its employees may be negligent if they are careless or inattentive by doing something or not doing something that caused the injury. Your claim must prove that the park and its employees are required by law to be *reasonably careful,* they were not, and this resulted in your injury.

Some examples of this would be failure to post warning signs, maintain equipment, train employees or improperly operate the rides.

Product liability claims involve defective parts, structural or design defects that are not caused by incorrect maintenance, operation or inspection. An amusement park injury in this instance would be filed against the manufacturer of the equipment or ride itself, and not the park.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, children make up 75% of amusement park accident victims who fall or are ejected from rides. Make sure your child meets the *you must be this tall* requirement, and tell them to keep those hands and feet inside the ride!

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