5 Ways to Help Your Personal Injury Case

If you are the injured party in a personal injury lawsuit, you want fair and just compensation for your "pain and suffering." As the plaintiff, there are five ways you can help the value of your claim. Answer these questions honestly:

· Will the jury think you've lied about anything? Even the smallest detail can negatively affect your claim. Remember, 'if the plaintiff lies, the plaintiff loses.'

· Is your testimony consistent? This means that your version of the events should not change from your first statement to your testimony in court.

· Are you exaggerating your claims? It's best to stick to the facts.

· Do your medical documents support your version of pain and suffering? If the doctor's reports match your testimony, your case is stronger.

· Are you 'likeable' and 'credible' to the jury? While often overlooked, these two qualities are critical to your personal injury lawsuit. A hostile attitude in court will not win over the jury. And, you want to appear believable and reliable so the jury will know you are telling the truth.

Each of these points determines whether you are a 'good' or 'bad' witness.

It can be a challenge to determine the value of physical and mental suffering. There are no books or websites with 'prices' listed for personal injury compensation. Generally, the judge will instruct the jury to use "good sense, background and experience" to determine the amount of your compensation. Therefore, you should follow these five points to help your personal injury claim.

Our experienced attorneys will assist you with these and other important factors of your case.

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