Did You Slip and Fall on Government Property?

If you suffer a slip and fall personal injury on government property, could the government entity be responsible?

The short answer is "yes," but keep in mind that there are some strict guidelines that must be followed.

As with any slip and fall personal injury case, responsibility can only be assigned if the government entity was negligent. In other words, you must prove that they knew or should have known about the situation related to your slip and fall. And, that situation caused your injury.

A unique guideline for suing a government entity for personal injury is the requirement to file a formal notice within a certain amount of time. While notices from various agencies may require different information, you must generally state your name, address, date of incident, a statement of how the government was negligent, injury descriptions, and information about your financial bills and/or losses.

It is important to seek the advice of an attorney to ensure the notice is correctly written and filed with the proper department. Failing to do this can prevent you from filing a claim.

Another unique guideline regarding personal injury on government property is a limit on the amount of compensation you may receive. There are laws that govern the amount of "damages" available in personal injury lawsuits against a government entity. Consult with our attorneys for the specific information in your case.

Finally, you must document everything if you believe an injury was caused by the negligence of a governmental entity. Act quickly by meeting with our personal injury attorneys and discussing your situation.

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