How to Prove Your Slip and Fall Personal Injury Case

Many plaintiffs in a personal injury case think that simply being hurt is enough proof for a lawsuit. It is not!

While your medical records will document the extent and nature of your injuries, the question remains - what caused your injuries? This is called a "causal link," and can be challenging to prove in a slip and fall personal injury case.

For example, it may not be obvious at trial or during settlement negotiations that your broken wrist was caused by a fall over a missing stone in a sidewalk. Working with an attorney is necessary at this stage.

Once this hurdle is cleared, you will also need to prove that the other party had "actual notice" or "constructive notice" of the hazard. This can be accomplished in several ways:

· Businesses usually keep incident reports on file. These may be used to show that they were aware of and did not correct a hazard.

· Testimony from other witnesses about the hazard can also be useful in determining notice. They will need to give a sworn statement.

· With the assistance of an attorney, you may be able to obtain video of the property from the owner if they have working cameras in place. This could prove the length of time a hazard existed on the property.

In order to determine the amount of compensation after the above criteria are met, you will need to record and document everything. Contact us today to discuss your personal injury circumstances.

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