Slip and Fall Personal Injury

Do you have a valid legal claim to seek compensation for a slip and fall personal injury on another's property?

If you are injured by a fall on someone else's property (private or commercial), there are several important criteria that must be met before the owner is considered responsible. These will help answer the question: Was the owner negligent?

First, an unsafe condition had to cause your slip and fall. In other words, simple clumsiness or inattention on your part would not be the owner's fault. Wet floors, damaged walkways and other potentially dangerous conditions could be considered unsafe depending on additional criteria.

Closely related to the first point are the questions of whether the owner caused the unsafe condition OR allowed it to remain unattended. A property owner's responsibility is to keep their premises "reasonably" safe. This means that you have a level of responsibility to notice and avoid obvious dangers.

Next, the property owner is given a "reasonable" amount of time to become aware of and correct a dangerous condition. If the situation cannot be readily corrected, the owner is usually required to post warning signs or caution notices. In slip and fall cases, the time factor can be the most difficult aspect to prove.

Lastly, you should consider the severity of your injuries in relation to the often lengthy process of a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit. Our experienced attorneys can assist with balancing this decision based on the details of your situation. Contact our office today.

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