Were You Injured by a Defective Product?

Many people are injured every year by defective products. This type of lawsuit is called a "defective product liability claim," and the most difficult part can be determining who is responsible for your compensation.

This list can be quite extensive, and is called the "chain of distribution." Those included could include the retailer where you bought the product, the distributor, the manufacturer, and a number of other "links" along the chain.

Consider this example: A toaster oven explodes causing you injury and damaging the kitchen. Who might be included in your list of defendants (parties who might be liable for damages)? To determine this, work backward from the point of purchase.

The first defendant would be the retailer, since everyone in the chain should be named in your claim. Also, you need not have purchased the item yourself (if you received the toaster as a gift) or be the product user (you are simply in the room at the time) in order to pursue a claim.

The next step would be to name any and all distributors or middlemen that supplied the product to the retailer.

Following this, the manufacturer and all their associated parties should be named. This means that the entity that made the completed product and any other entity who may have manufactured smaller components could be liable. In our example, the name of the company on the toaster along with the company that made the smaller exploded parts should be defendants.

Finally, you should also include any quality control, technical or consulting parties that may have been involved in the manufacturing process.

This can be a daunting task, so contact our attorneys for assistance with your defective product liability claim.

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