Personal Injuries at School

If a student is injured at school, can the school be held responsible?

Schools have a standard of care they must follow for the safety of their students. If they do not, and someone is injured, the school may be found negligent. Here are a few examples of when a school might be found liable for injuries:

· Playground accidents caused by defective equipment and/or inadequate supervision

· Slip and fall injuries caused by broken steps, loose handrails or improperly maintained walkways, hallways and other areas

· Food poisoning caused by improper storage and/or preparation of food

· School bus accidents caused by negligent drivers or improper driver training

· Sports injuries caused by inadequate supervision

· Injuries caused by natural or man-made disasters when the school did not properly plan, prepare and/or carry out correct drills or evacuations

· Asbestos injuries caused by the failure to remove the hazard or close the facility

Additionally, negligence for these injuries could arise from outside entities that provide services, supplies or equipment to the school or school system. For example, defective manufacturing of playground equipment or landscape companies that do not satisfactorily complete ice and snow removal. Also, food that is tainted from the vendor or malfunctioning buses could be determined as negligent by outside companies. Faulty sports equipment or improper installation or removal services by a contracted company could also be negligent in a legal claim for injuries on school grounds.

Personal injury cases are often dependent on the particular facts of the situation. Call our office to schedule your free consultation.

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