Pharmaceutical Drugs and Personal Injury

Personal injuries that arise from taking pharmaceutical drugs can lead to a product liability claim. Claims for injuries related to pharmaceutical drugs are similar to the three types of defective product liability lawsuits with special conditions.

Manufacturing defects. If there were mistakes made at the factory, including the contents of the medicine, labeling and/or shipping, and this caused you injury, then you may have a defective products claim. Also, if the medicine in question is from a compounding pharmacy, then this could fall under a manufacturing defect. Generally speaking, any error in the chain from production to your purchase point could be a manufacturing defect.

Marketing errors. These are the warnings and directions about the medicine, including side effects and how to correctly take the doses. If this information is missing or you received "wrong" information and were injured, then this might be cause for a claim.

Dangerous side effects. Many drugs have side effects, some quite dangerous. The information about these should be available to consumers of new drugs and of those products that have been on the market for a long time.

If your personal injury was caused by pharmaceutical drugs, then it may be under one or more of these categories. You should be able to include all the relevant types in your lawsuit. This will determine who is potentially responsible for the harm and which defendants you should name in your claim.

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