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Who Caused Your Toxic Tort Personal Injury?

It can be difficult to determine who is responsible for personal injuries and/or illnesses in a toxic tort case. There are also specific challenges, such as old evidence, the cause of the illness and the complexity of scientific evidence, that need the assistance of an attorney to navigate.

4 Types of Toxic Tort Damages

Damages in a lawsuit can be defined as the money awarded to one side (plaintiff) because of an injury or a certain kind of loss that was caused by the other side (defendant). In toxic tort cases for personal injury, there are generally four types of damages available to the injured party.

Negligent Supervision and Personal Injury

How do you know if the school is responsible for your child's injury? To answer this question, it must be determined if the school provided adequate supervision in a specific set of circumstances. In other words, the answer depends on the situation.