Who Caused Your Toxic Tort Personal Injury?

It can be difficult to determine who is responsible for personal injuries and/or illnesses in a toxic tort case. There are also specific challenges, such as old evidence, the cause of the illness and the complexity of scientific evidence, that need the assistance of an attorney to navigate.

When considering who to sue in a personal injury toxic tort case, the general rule is to name everyone who has any possible association with the dangerous substance.

For example, the companies who manufactured and distributed the products in question could be found to be liable for the personal injuries and/or illnesses. Also, any company who made or sold machines that are associated with exposure to dangerous substances could be liable as well. Related to this, any safety equipment failure might result in liability for that manufacturer.

Another party to consider in the area of responsibility might be the location where the injury or illness occurred. For example, the owner or lessor of the property might be included in the list.

Finally, there could be potential defendants (responsible parties) that are not as obvious, but could have contributed to the toxic tort personal injury. Examples of these types of defendants might be shipping companies or storage facilities. Also, contractors who may have installed or repaired equipment could be found responsible in certain instances.

Therefore, it is critical that you work with one of our attorneys to explore all possible defendants and build a strong case.

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