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Adult Protective Services - Help for elder abuse

The National Adult Protective Services states, "APS helps by assessing each individual's unique needs, then developing a service plan to maintain his/her safety, health and independence." This organizational group oversees many social services for the elderly (as well as disabled adults of any age), including responding to and investigating elder abuse.

How common is Elder Abuse?

Older adults have a high level of vulnerability due to their dependence on others for care. Yet, many elderly and their caregivers are hesitant to report elder abuse. This makes it very difficult to answer the question of how often it occurs.

Elder Abuse in a Nursing Home

The latest data from the CDC indicates that there are almost 2 million elderly residents in US nursing homes. These individuals, 65 and older, do not always receive the care they deserve! They are vulnerable to neglect and/or abuse.

Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

There are several types of elder abuse that occur in nursing homes or private homes according to the National Institute on Aging and the CDC. What are the warning signs?