Adult Protective Services - Help for elder abuse

The National Adult Protective Services states, "APS helps by assessing each individual's unique needs, then developing a service plan to maintain his/her safety, health and independence." This organizational group oversees many social services for the elderly (as well as disabled adults of any age), including responding to and investigating elder abuse.

APS workers coordinate with doctors, law enforcement, the legal system and any other professional to address the serious issue of elder abuse. They can become involved after receiving complaints filed by either concerned individuals or officials.

After receiving a report, the APS will follow these general steps:

· A professional APS worker will screen the report for indications of abuse, neglect or other problems.

· An APS investigator will meet with the alleged victim and determine if there are issues regarding safety and/or mental and physical health.

· Based on the findings, APS may solicit the involvement of law enforcement, social services or other agencies to intervene and help stop the problem(s) as needed.

· At the conclusion, APS will contact all necessary agencies to enact an assistance plan to protect the victim from further abuse, whether medical, legal, economic or otherwise.

Adult Protective Services operates differently depending on your location. For information, visit Eldercare Locator. This is a branch of the US Administration on Aging. If you have concerns about any elder abuse issues, our attorneys are experienced and can work with you through the process of keeping your loved ones safe.

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