Slip and Fall Personal Injury - Was the property owner "reasonable"?

In each slip and fall personal injury case, there is a question about whether the property owner acted in a "reasonable" manner regarding the maintenance of their premises. To address this, the law will review if the owner keeps their property safe and clean. Consider the following questions if you have suffered a personal injury on someone else's property:

Can the property owner prove that they have regular procedures in place for cleaning and maintaining the premises?

Was your slip and fall accident in a poorly lit area?

If you tripped or fell over an object, was there a good reason that it was located in that particular place? Should it have been moved because the reason no longer existed? Could it have been placed somewhere more appropriate so as not to cause a hazard? Was there a barrier or warning sign near the object?

Was your fall caused by a defective or damaged surface, such as torn carpet or broken floor tiles? If so, should the owner have known, and did he or she have sufficient time to correct the problem?

The preceding question regarding "should have known" is more difficult to determine. The ultimate decision will involve 1) whether the property owner was reasonable in their efforts to ensure a safe environment, and 2) were you acting in a careful manner when you fell, tripped or stumbled?

Our attorneys can help investigate these and the other questions to see if a personal injury case is appropriate for your situation.

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