What to expect in a slip and fall deposition - plaintiff

Part I: Plaintiff's Deposition. A deposition is a series of questions that will be asked and answered under oath about a slip and fall case. Each party involved in the lawsuit (plaintiff, defendant, witness) may have to give a deposition. The questions can be quite extensive.

Here are a few of the types of questions that the plaintiff (injured party) may have to answer in the session:

The lawyer who represents the party being sued (defense attorney) may begin the session with a list of questions about the plaintiff's background. This can include work history, family, military background, residences and other topics going back a number of years.

Next, the defense attorney may delve into the plaintiff's medical history, which could be quite exhaustive. Our attorneys can help with strategies in preparing for both of these types of deposition topics.

Then the deposition will focus on the actual accident details. Plaintiffs usually recount the incident, and then defense attorneys ask questions - many, many of them. This can be quite detailed, and include questions about the weather, what you were wearing, if you were carrying anything, where you were looking, and a host of other details depending on the nature of the accident. Our attorneys will help prepare you for this.

Finally, the plaintiff will have to answer a large list of questions about injuries. This may include all specifics about medical treatment, diagnosis, and prognosis along with lost wages and insurance information.

Our attorneys can help plaintiffs prepare for all of these and other questions that may arise during a slip and fall deposition.

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