6 Steps to take after a bicycle and car accident

If you are a cyclist involved in an accident with a car, there are certain steps you should complete following the wreck. These actions could help protect your legal rights.

1. Wait for the authorities to arrive. If able, cyclists should remain at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. They will complete an accident report, and it is important for cyclists to give their version of events to be included in the report. Even if you think you are uninjured or have only minor injuries, your version of the accident should be documented.

2. Do not speak to the driver of the car. Any comments could later become part of a lawsuit. Talk only to the authorities and your attorney.

3. Gather contact information. If you do not require immediate medical attention, get all the contact information (names, addresses, driver's license numbers, vehicle tag numbers, insurance information, etc.) from the driver and any witnesses.

4. Write down your memory of the event. As soon as possible, document your version of the accident. Also, include a log of any medical concerns no matter how small they may seem. Minor injuries can become serious over time.

5. Store your bicycle, gear and clothing. This is an important step for bike and car accidents. Do not fix or dispose of any item as they may be needed for a lawsuit.

6. Contact our office. Do not speak to insurance companies before contacting our office. Your statements could determine the outcome of a lawsuit, and you should contact our experienced attorneys first.

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