Car Wrecks with a Driver Turning Left

There are many factors to consider when determining who is at fault in a car wreck. A vehicle accident with a driver who is turning left is often the fault of the person making the left turn. However, there are certain circumstances that may change which parties are at fault in these situations.

One example of these possible exceptions would be if the driver going forward was speeding. This can be a difficult aspect to prove. So examination of the vehicle damage, witness statements, skid marks on the road, and other factors would be evaluated.

Another exception in a car wreck with a vehicle turning left could occur if the driver moving straight went through a stop sign or red light. Again, this would require a review of the facts, especially other witness statements.

The last situation that could alter who is at fault in these car wrecks is usually the most rare - unexpected circumstances. An example of this exception occurs when a left turning driver begins to safely cross traffic and something causes him to slow or stop before completing the turn. For instance, another vehicle goes through a red light into the path of the left turning car, causing them to stop or swerve.

While these situations may influence who is at fault in a car wreck with a left turning driver, the responsibility remains with the person making the turn. They must exercise caution and only cross oncoming traffic when it is safe to do so.

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