How to avoid a car and bicycle accident

Liability for a car and bicycle accident depends on the circumstances. Therefore, cyclists should follow these guidelines to protect themselves from injury and avoid legal responsibility:

Never ride against the traffic. It is a common misconception that bicyclists should ride facing the oncoming traffic. Many accidents occur when bicycles are traveling 'the wrong way' on the road. This decreases their visibility and limits the time cyclists have to react to a dangerous situation. Bikes are vehicles and cyclists should follow traffic laws as if they were driving a car.

Avoid the 'almost stop' behavior. When approaching an intersection, many cyclists only slow down before proceeding. These 'almost stop' behaviors are illegal, and could result in serious injury and legal liability in the event of an accident.

Always yield properly in traffic. Failure to yield causes the third highest accident rate at intersections for cyclists. In this and other traffic situations, cyclists should exercise extra care to yield to all motorists in order to avoid serious injury and potential legal liability for an accident.

Do not ride on sidewalks. At some point, cyclists must cross roadways; and if they are riding from sidewalks into crosswalks, motorists may not notice until it is too late. If you must use a crosswalk, walk your bicycle across. Also, riding bicycles on sidewalks is prohibited by law in many cities.

Never weave in and out of traffic. This is a common and potentially deadly behavior for cyclists. Remember that your bicycle is a vehicle and you must follow the rules of the road!

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