When car accidents in Tennessee involve pedestrians

Car accidents are an unfortunate aspect of everyday life. Though many result in nothing more than a trip to the auto body shop, some result in the victims suffering serious injuries. When car accidents result in injuries due to the negligence of another driver, such as a recent one that took place in Tennessee, the victims might be dealing with the effects of the accident for a considerable amount of time.

On an evening in early May, a 32-year-old woman ran a red light at an intersection in the Midtown area of Memphis. Unfortunately, two female pedestrians, ages 66 and 29, were crossing the street at the time and were struck by the vehicle. They were taken to a local medical center, and both were reportedly in critical condition.

The driver is facing multiple charges related to the incident, including DUI, failing to stop at a stop sign and vehicular assault. According to local residents, that intersection is known as not being very safe due to the fact that there aren't many sidewalks. Reportedly, accidents happen there frequently. Drivers apparently run red lights there since the traffic lights are notorious for being long.

When a resident of Tennessee is a car accident victim, he or she might be confused by the complex web of issues that typically arise. Their normal day-to-day lives are turned on end, and they are suddenly faced with medical and financial concerns on a sometimes daily basis. A personal injury attorney experienced in handling claims arising from car accidents might be able to clear up some of the common questions and provide ongoing support in seeking financial relief for any damages sustained.

Source: wmcactionnews5.com, "2 women hit by car in Midtown, driver charged", Sasha Jones, May 7, 2015

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