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Mother develops condition, doctor sued for medical malpractice

Most all of the medical personnel in Tennessee are well-trained professionals. Unfortunately, when accidents happen, they often have serious consequences. One doctor in another state is currently being sued for medical malpractice as a result of his alleged actions leading to a serious injury.

Car accidents in parking lots can seriously injure pedestrians

Many car accidents that occur in Tennessee don't result in physical harm to the drivers or serious damage to the respective driver's vehicles. However, when car accidents involve a vehicle and a pedestrian, the outcome can often be quite different. Such is the case in a recent collision that sent an elderly man to the hospital.  

Fatal head-on collision may result in wrongful death claim

Many car accidents occur every week in Tennessee. Most of these accidents do not result in anything more serious than either a crushed fender or minor injuries. Unfortunately, some accidents can result in serious injury and, as in the case of a recent car accident, even wrongful death

Car accidents with motorcycles in Tennessee often prove fatal

Car accidents in Tennessee are often considered an unfortunate fact of life -- they are bound to happen sooner or later. When car accidents involve two automobiles, the people involved are often able to walk away, as their vehicles have taken the brunt of the impact. However, as is the case with a recent car accident, when the collision involves an automobile and a motorcycle, the outcome can be quite different.