Mother develops condition, doctor sued for medical malpractice

Most all of the medical personnel in Tennessee are well-trained professionals. Unfortunately, when accidents happen, they often have serious consequences. One doctor in another state is currently being sued for medical malpractice as a result of his alleged actions leading to a serious injury.

According to the court documents, a woman was under the doctor's care when she went into labor. An infection due to delivery complications arose, and this required her to be given a treatment regimen. One of two antibiotics she was prescribed was called Gentamicin. Her doctor arranged for a local home health company to administer this antibiotic.

According to the woman's lawsuit, a nurse from the home health company allegedly instructed the patient's spouse on the procedure of how to administer the antibiotics through an IV in order for him to perform this care instead of the nurse, as per the doctor's original orders. Further, no testing was done for the woman's levels of Gentamicin. This oversight and alleged negligence on the doctor's behalf resulted in the woman suffering from Gentamicin toxicity, a condition that caused her severe pain, mental anguish, permanent injuries and required further medical evaluation and extra treatment. 

There are many patients all across Tennessee that seek medical treatments for a variety of conditions each year. They place great faith in their medical providers and assume that these professionals will do everything reasonably possible to correctly diagnose and treat their ailments. Unfortunately, mistakes occur, and when they do, they often cause significant problems and damage. When these are caused by negligence, a medical malpractice suit is sometimes appropriate. Consulting an experienced personal injury attorney who is skilled in the area of medical malpractice is very often the first step in the process of filing a claim.

Source:, "North Alabama senator sued for medical malpractice", Marshall Stephens, June 12, 2015

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