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Defamation - A false statement vs. an opinion

It can be difficult to determine if a negative statement about another person would be considered defamatory and subject to legal action. Generally, a defamatory statement is presented (in writing or speech to a third party) as a false statement of fact. It can be a negligent or intentional statement, and causes harm to the person mentioned in the communication.

Embolism kills patient, grandmother sues for medical malpractice

A multitude of medical procedures are conducted every day by expert health care professionals in Tennessee. Nearly all of these procedures are performed without a hitch, which results in the patients making a full recovery. Unfortunately, patients sometimes suffer catastrophic injuries and, in some cases, even death due to an act of medical negligence. Sometimes the patient or a family member chooses to file a medical malpractice suit against the responsible negligent party.

Medical malpractice case awards man $4.2 million

Health care professionals in Tennessee do everything to ensure their patients receive the best medical care they can provide. Unfortunately, accidents can occur that sometimes result in the patient being injured or their condition worsening. When this happens due to the medical professional's negligence, the patient often seeks to file a medical malpractice claim.

Hit-and-run car accidents often result in serious injuries

Many of the car accidents that occur every day on Tennessee roads cause little or no personal injury or property damage. However, there are the unfortunate cases where the injuries suffered or damages incurred in car accidents that can be quite serious. In either case, when the apparent negligence of a vehicle operator contributes to a car accident that results in serious injury to another individual, a personal injury claim seeking monetary damages often results.

When brakes fail in truck accidents, injury and damage often resu

In the event of a passenger vehicle's brakes malfunctioning, the resultant damage can be significant. However, given the immense size and mass of any sort of truck, when truck brakes fail and truck accidents occur, the outcome can be catastrophic. A recent truck accident in Tennessee in which this occurred luckily ended much better than is often the case.

3 Common Bike and Car Accidents

Cyclists are required to follow the rules of the road (Car Wrecks Involving a Bicycle LINK), and could face liability (responsibility) for causing an accident with a car. There are three common situations where most accidents occur between bicycles and other vehicles.

Wrongful death suit may follow in fatal school bus crash

Sometimes accidents can happen when a person least expects them to. Though many Tennessee parents feel that their children are safe when they are picked up by the school bus and whisked off to attend school all day, that is, unfortunately, not always the case. An accident that involved a school bus resulted in the deaths of some of its passengers. After the investigation is completed and negligence is proved, a wrongful death suit might be filed by each of the decedent's families.