3 Common Bike and Car Accidents

Cyclists are required to follow the rules of the road (Car Wrecks Involving a Bicycle LINK), and could face liability (responsibility) for causing an accident with a car. There are three common situations where most accidents occur between bicycles and other vehicles.

1. Cyclist stop signs at intersections. The highest number of accidents between cars and bikes happen when the cyclist has a stop sign and the driver of the car does not. The cyclist stops and then pedals into the intersection in front of oncoming traffic. This situation occurs at the highest rate among cyclists 15-years-old and younger (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

2. Motorist stop signs at intersections. The next most frequent bike and car accident occurs when the motorist stops, then drives in front of a cyclist who did not have a stop sign. In this scenario, the motorist could face liability. However, a large percentage of these types of accidents are caused by a cyclist riding 'against traffic' - on the wrong side of the street. In the latter instance, the cyclist may also be at fault.

3. Failure to yield by the cyclist. When a cyclist stops at an intersection, then moves into traffic without yielding the right-of-way (such as turning right on red in front of traffic), this could be a failure to yield. These circumstances are the third highest cause of intersection accidents between cars and bicycles.

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