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Bicycle accidents caused by hazards on the road

Road hazards are a common cause of bicycle accidents even for the most experienced riders. The most frequent occurrence caused by hazards on the road is losing control of the bicycle, which can cause cyclists to crash or be propelled into traffic.

Recent Tennessee car accidents: Man killed, 6 children injured

Many Tennessee residents who have been in a car accident will attest to experiencing the sensation of time slowing down. In all reality, though, car accidents happen in the blink of an eye. When they occur, the extent of damage ranges from minor to, in the unfortunate case, extremely serious and, in this case, fatal.

Medical malpractice suit follows surgery that caused embolism

In the everyday operations of a business in Tennessee, mistakes can occur without drastic repercussions. Unfortunately, when such mistakes happen at a medical center, the fallout can have disastrous consequences for victims. When a health care provider negligently performs his or her responsibilities, a medical malpractice claim to seek recovery of monetary damages is often an appropriate response.

When Tennessee car accidents occur, serious injury can result

While anyone who uses Tennessee roadways on a daily basis can be at risk for injury, scooter and motorcycle drivers are particularly vulnerable. The force caused by a car's impact can be enough to throw a scooter driver from his or her vehicle, resulting in serious injury or death. Car accidents like these are far too common.

Medical malpractice claimed in case of disabled child

When individuals in Tennessee seek the help of a medical professional, they are often putting their health and even their life in the hands of a health care provider. In the unfortunate case when a medical professional makes an error, the effects can be very harmful, if not catastrophic. When this is the case, the victim may choose to pursue a medical malpractice suit.