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Recent Tennessee car accidents: 3 women airlifted

Being involved in a Tennessee motor vehicle accident can be an unsettling experience. Some are able to walk away with minor injuries or no injuries at all. Unfortunately, other victims of car accidents suffer far more serious consequences. One recent crash sent three individuals to the hospital.

Tennessee car accidents: Hit-and-run crash injured motorcyclist

When residents of Tennessee find they have been involved in a vehicular accident while driving a passenger vehicle, the range of injuries can span from minor to catastrophic. When individuals are involved in car accidents in which they were operating a motorcycle, the injuries they suffer are typically serious to catastrophic, as motorcycles afford little to no protection. Such is the case of a recent accident that sent one individual to the hospital.

Woman alleges medical malpractice after knee replacement

Many Tennessee residents seek medical attention every day. Most of the time, they receive care that is professional and their health issue is resolved. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. When a mistake is made, unfortunately, serious injury can sometimes result. When a medical professional's negligence detrimentally affects the patient's health, the victim often seeks to file a medical malpractice suit against the negligent party or parties.

Tennessee car accidents: Crash leaves 2 drivers with injuries

As many Tennessee residents know, car accidents occur with great frequency--every night on the evening news there are usually reports of another accident having occurred. Unfortunately, many of these car accidents result in individuals suffering serious injuries. A recent accident that occurred resulted in two drivers being sent to the hospital.