Tennessee car accidents: Crash leaves 2 drivers with injuries

As many Tennessee residents know, car accidents occur with great frequency--every night on the evening news there are usually reports of another accident having occurred. Unfortunately, many of these car accidents result in individuals suffering serious injuries. A recent accident that occurred resulted in two drivers being sent to the hospital. 

The accident occurred last month in Elizabethton, when a truck drifted across the center line of the highway and struck a passenger vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. After striking the vehicle, the driver of the truck reportedly left the scene of the accident and continued on his or her way. The truck also had a flat tire, which did not seem to deter the driver from fleeing the scene.

Shortly after, the driver allegedly lost control of the truck and struck a guard rail, flipping itself over. The driver of the truck was airlifted to a nearby medical facility. The driver of the other vehicle had to be removed from the car before being rushed to an area hospital for treatment. The crash is still under investigation, but alcohol is suspected to have been a contributing factor.

Car accidents can be devastating for victims and their families. While the precise causes of this crash are still being investigated, the victim will be entitled to file a personal injury claim if the other driver's negligence is found to be a contributing factor in causing the crash. In Tennessee, when a claim of this nature is successfully navigated, the victim sometimes receives monetary compensation to help offset the cost of financial losses. In these cases, victims often seek the help of an experienced professional attorney to help them file a claim.

Source: wjhl.com, "Two-vehicle crash reported on Watauga Road in Elizabethton", Aug. 20, 2015

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