Logger wins medical malpractice suit, awarded $2.2 million

When Tennessee residents seek medical help, a great amount of trust is involved. They hope that they will be undergo a successful treatment of their malady and assume that the professional treating them will act in accordance with the highest of professional standards. Nevertheless, accidents sometimes occur, and when they do, victims who are negatively affected may have grounds to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.

One such out of state medical malpractice lawsuit recently resulted in a victim being awarded over $2 million. The jury returned the award on a recent Friday in October. It determined that several doctors did not properly treat the man, a former logger, while assessing his spinal injury. This lack of proper treatment resulted in him becoming a paraplegic, for which the jury issued a monetary award of $2.2 million in damages.

The man alleged that the doctors did not conduct a suitable examination after a work accident that involved a 500-pound tree crashing into the man's back. As he was in too much pain to undergo an x-ray, he claims that should have received a CT scan instead. Due to this, he asserts that a spinal fracture was not detected in the x-ray. A surgeon testified that the victim would not be a paraplegic if the spinal fracture had been properly diagnosed.

When a health care provider's negligence results in a patient's serious injury, the victim is entitled to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit. If liability is properly established, a monetary judgment may be issued to cover the cost of past and future medical care as well as pain and suffering and other documented financial losses. Many Tennessee residents seek to file such cases for more than the monetary compensation that may be awarded. Often, thanks to a successful lawsuit, other individuals may be saved from experiencing a similar fate.

Source: dailyjournal.net, "Pennsylvania jury awards paralyzed logger's family $2.2 million in medical malpractice lawsuit", Oct. 26, 2015

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