Man loses leg, gains award in medical malpractice case

An out-of-state man who had lost a leg due to medical negligence recently collected payments as a settlement of his medical malpractice lawsuit. The 28-year-old man collected $2.1 million from a hospital named in the suit. When Tennessee residents are the victims of medical malpractice or negligence, they are typically entitled to file similar suits against the negligent party or parties.

The man was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2012 that resulted in him suffering a fracture to his knee. As part of his treatment at a hospital, the man's knee was surgically repaired. Shortly thereafter, he developed a condition known as acute compartment syndrome, which causes muscles and tissues to swell; this cuts off the muscle's blood supply and causes nerves to die.

The claim noted that the victim's nurses documented his condition but acted negligently when they failed to inform the man's doctor. Had the nurses done so, the doctor could have initiated actions that could potentially have saved his leg. Instead, the man lost feeling in his leg, and his leg was amputated.

The man was awarded $1.3 million as compensation for the economic damages he suffered, which included his medical bills, both past and future, as well as covering his lost wages. Additionally, the jury awarded him $1.5 million for damages that were noneconomic in nature, including pain and suffering and loss of companionship with his 7-year-old son. However, that figure was cut in half to comply with his state's cap of $750,000 for awards for noneconomic damages. When Tennessee residents believe they have been the victims of medical malpractice, they typically consult an experienced personal injury attorney to assess the validity of their claim.

Source:, "2 malpractice claims paid after surmounting legal hurdles", Cary Spivak, Jan. 9, 2016

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