Man suffers medical malpractice at hospital, heart damaged

Almost six years after an out-of-state man suffered heart damage, a jury recently began deliberating as to who bears the responsibility for the man's medical injury. The man alleges that he suffered heart damage when his local hospital did not send his blood test results to his doctor. When Tennessee individuals are the victims of medical malpractice, they typically seek to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney for legal guidance and, if necessary, representation.

In 2012, the 71-year old man and his 63-year-old wife sued the hospital and his physician as well as a regional hospital where his doctor is employed. The man went to the hospital's emergency room on May 31, 2010, at which point a blood test was ordered. However, the couple claims that the results of the blood test were never sent to the man's doctor; even after repeated complaints, his doctor never requested them.

The couple's suit alleges that eight months later, the man had to have emergency heart surgery performed on him at a regional medical center in Maine. The surgery was performed in order to repair damage that the couple alleges could have been avoided had treatment begun when the blood test was completed. The hospital has admitted that it made a mistake. The couple's attorney estimated that the damages they incurred totaled anywhere between $3 million and $3.7 million, which included nearly $294,000 in medical expenses -- the rest of the damages were allocated for pain and suffering.

When a patient suffers an injury from the result of a healthcare professional's negligence, the victim typically has the right to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit against the party or parties believed to be responsible. Successfully presented, such a claim may result in a judgment for any documented financial damages incurred. Medical malpractice victims in Tennessee are encouraged to seek legal counsel in order to assess the validity of any legal claims as well as to advocate on their behalf in pursuing claims for financial relief.

Source:, "Millinocket couple's medical malpractice lawsuit goes to jury", Judy Harrison, Jan. 27, 2016

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