Woman files medical malpractice suit after wrong rib removed

A woman who underwent a typically straightforward procedure to have one of her ribs removed has now filed a medical malpractice suit against the doctor who performed the operation. The doctor removed the wrong rib and, according to the woman's suit, then lied to cover it up. When medical errors of this magnitude occur in Tennessee, the victim is typically entitled to file a medical malpractice suit against the party or parties believed to have performed their responsibilities negligently.

The 60-year-old woman was to undergo a procedure to remove her eighth rib in May, 2015. The operation involved removing this rib due to the fact that it had contracted a lesion. The procedure was carried out without a hitch, or so it seemed. The woman knew something was wrong when, after the operation was complete, she says she was still experiencing pain in the same area that had been operated upon. An x-ray quickly revealed that the surgeon had removed not only the wrong rib, but the metal coils used in the procedure had been left inside her as well.

Another doctor not involved in the surgery informed the patient of the mistake, and she was booked for a follow-up surgery the next day. Before it occurred, though, the resident doctor who had performed the first operation informed her that the second surgery was not necessary. He claimed that he had not removed the wrong rib but, rather, that he had not removed enough of it. Yale-New Haven Hospital, where the doctor was employed, has acknowledged that an error had been made.

If this woman's medical malpractice suit is successfully navigated, it could result in the entry of a monetary judgment for any of the damages that were suffered by the patient. These judgments might cover hospital bills, lost pay and perhaps pain and suffering. The process of filing a medical malpractice suit in Tennessee is typically begun by the victim first consulting an experienced personal injury attorney, who can begin by assessing the validity of the potential victim's claim.

Source: medicaldaily.com, "Medical Malpractice Suit: Doctor Removes Wrong Rib During Surgery, Lies To Cover Up Mistake", Dana Dovey, March 25, 2016

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