2 sue doctor for medical malpractice

A doctor who practices at an out-of-state clinic and has been accused of sexual assault was recently sued by two of his former patients. At least five other individuals were also allegedly sexually assaulted by the doctor, but only these two individuals have come forth and filed medical malpractice suits against him. When Tennessee residents are the victims of medical malpractice due to a similar breach of medical care, they typically choose to file medical malpractice suits against their medical provider.

The 45-year-old doctor was recently named as the defendant in two separate suits filed in March and April 2016, according to court records. These two suits name three separate health care companies as defendants as well. Seven former patients accused the doctor of both groping and rubbing himself on them in a sexual manner during the course of recent exams, according to a criminal complaint filed in December 2015.

The doctor will also be facing four felony counts of third-degree sexual assault, in addition to the two current malpractice suits. He will also face six misdemeanor counts for fourth-degree sexual assault. The doctor has since denied all of these accusations. Since details pertaining to the suit were released, more individuals have contacted the local police in regard to the doctor.

When Tennessee patients suffer an injury or experience a breach of care at the hands of a health care professional, they have the legal right to file medical malpractice lawsuits against the party or parties believed to have acted negligently. Successfully navigated, this type of suit may result in a monetary judgment being awarded for the victims' documented damages. Victims often begin this process of submitting a claim by first consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney in order to assess the validity of his or her claim.

Source: stevenspointjournal.com, "Plover doctor sued in Milwaukee Co.", Chris Mueller, April 27, 2016

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