Educating drivers in the hope of decreasing truck accidents

With the beginning of July comes summer holidays and the obvious increase of traffic on the highways across Tennessee. A joint operation between highway traffic authorities and a local trucking association was launched just before the Independence Day holiday weekend aimed at creating awareness among motorists about the bigger vehicles sharing the roads with them. The main purpose of the operation is to decrease the number of truck accidents on U.S highways.  

In 2015, seven people lost their lives during this holiday weekend. It is hoped that the number this year is a lot less. As part of the program, a rest stop was created on the I-40 East where motorists were treated to something to eat and an opportunity to be educated by a trucker on what it is like to share the roads with cars.

Estimates indicate that between 70 and 75 percent of truck accidents are caused by the cars involved. According to experienced truckers, very few drivers understand the size of a truck's blind spot, which they call no-zones. In more than 35 percent of the accidents mentioned above, the car was in this large blind spot and, as such, was invisible to the trucker.

While motorists were provided with interesting and important information on the experiences of truck drivers, they were also reminded of the importance to using seat belts and patience. This is particularly important when encountering distracted or drunk drivers. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts made by the two organizations, there will still be motorists who will not heed the advice.  

Truck accidents and road fatalities will never be eradicated, and there will always be innocent victims who have to deal with the aftermath of the negligence or recklessness of other motorists. Tennessee law protects such victims and their families, as personal injury and wrongful death claims may be filed in cases in which the evidence proves that driver negligence or recklessness are the root causes of the accidents. A successful civil claim may lead to an award of financial damages suffered.  

Source:, "Tennessee Highway Patrol begins holiday enforcement", Brittany Hardaway Jackson, July 1, 2016

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