Labor Day weekend: Tennessee ready for rise in car accidents

Tennessee traffic authorities made sure that they are prepared for the 2016 Labor Day weekend. According to a spokesperson for the state, state troopers will be ready to ensure safe roads over the last holiday weekend for this summer. They do not want a repeat of the 2015 weekend during which 14 car accidents led to 14 deaths.

The main aim is to keep reckless drivers in check. Driving under the influence, people not wearing seat belts and distracted drivers will not be tolerated. Six of the 14 accidents which occurred during the same weekend in 2015 involved alcohol. Nine people died because they did not make use of their seat belts.

State statistics for 2016, for the period between January and August, have already shown a sharp increase in fatal road accidents. The number of fatalities on Tennessee roads as of  August 31 stands at 656, almost an 8 percent increase from the 607 people who lost their lives in 2015. During the same period, there was slightly over a 9 percent increase in DUI arrests as compared to last year. This has led to a focus on identifying hot spots on which traffic authorities will focus in an attempt to halt this upward trend.

The increase in DUI arrests and road fatalities can be indicative of an increase in the number of innocent victims killed or seriously injured in car accidents due to the negligence of others. These victims and/or their families may choose to file civil claims against an alleged negligent driver. Financial awards in a successfully litigated wrongful death or personal injury claim may assist the victims and/or their families to better cope with the unexpected expenses arising from an accident.

Source:, "Tennessee law enforcement says they are ready for Labor Day Weekend", Marco Villarreal, Sept. 2, 2016

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