Nursing home neglect: a case of the wrong medicine

The well-being of patients placed in an elder care facility is often completely at the hands of the staff of the care facility at which the patients reside. Tennessee dementia sufferers definitely falls within this category. One such case of alleged nursing home neglect involves an elderly retired teacher whose family is now suing the alleged negligent facility.

In the law suit, the family claims that the staff at the facility prescribed medicine detrimental to patients with dementia. The elderly lady was moved to the care facility after being hospitalized for other problems not related to the dementia. Before she went into hospital she was quite able to move around, care for herself and even still enjoyed trivia and word games.  

The family claims that the medicine prescribed by the facility was purely prescribed to control and restrain the patient and had no medical purpose. No legal consent to administer the drug was obtained by the facility from the family. Alarmingly, the warning label on the package clearly indicates an increased risk of fatality to elderly dementia sufferers.

It appears as if a drug prescribed to stop the victim from yelling out contributed to her death just two months after she was placed in the facility. Unfortunately, this case is not an isolated case; rather, it is a problem across the United States, including Tennessee, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In a statement made by the victim's son, the family hopes that by filing the claim other families can be made aware of the possibility of nursing home neglect and the dangers it holds. Having the support and guidance of an attorney may be helpful.

Source:, "Suit: Nursing home gave inappropriate drugs to former teacher", Jen Rini, Sept. 12, 2016

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