October 2016 Archives

Advocates against nursing home neglect needed

A number of organizations and agencies are calling attention to the vulnerable status of the elderly in Tennessee and across the United States and addressing the need to speak out. As people age, they may become hard of hearing, their eyesight may diminish, their memories may fade and some become very frail. All these problems, which develop with old age, make the elderly vulnerable to nursing home neglect and abuse.

Fatal motorcycle accident may lead to wrongful death claim

A tragic motorcycle accident which happened on a recent Saturday morning in October at around 10 a.m. resulted in the death of one biker and seriously injured another. The two motorcyclists crashed into each other, sending both bikers down a steep bank. A wrongful death claim may result from the accident once all the facts surrounding the accident have been investigated.

Medical malpractice claims possible after unethical conduct

In a case outside of Tennessee, a doctor working as an immunologist and allergist has been using unapproved vaccinations for at least 10 years. An investigation into the practice of the doctor was launched after numerous complaints were filed by health care providers. Health care authorities determined the doctor committed medical malpractice, and he can no longer perform any medical procedures. 

Family to decide on wrongful death claim after fatal accident

A Tennessee woman faces several charges after a fatal accident on a recent Wednesday at the end of September. A motorcyclist was killed and his wife was seriously injured. The wife will have the opportunity to decide whether to file wrongful death and personal injury claims against the allegedly negligent driver.