Family to decide on wrongful death claim after fatal accident

A Tennessee woman faces several charges after a fatal accident on a recent Wednesday at the end of September. A motorcyclist was killed and his wife was seriously injured. The wife will have the opportunity to decide whether to file wrongful death and personal injury claims against the allegedly negligent driver.

At approximately 10 p.m., the woman was pulling a trailer with her pickup truck and pulled out of her driveway into the path of the couple on the motorcycle. According to the accident report, the rear lights on the trailer did not work. The motorcycle crashed into the trailer and both driver and passenger were flung from the bike. The motorcyclist died at the accident scene, while his passenger was transported to a hospital in the area. Her condition is considered to be critical.

Despite serious damage to one of the trailer wheels, the pickup truck driver left the accident scene. She offered no assistance to the two injured victims. In fact, she left them to defenseless and unprotected on a poorly lit street and seemed to try and hide her car in her backyard. There is also no record of her trying to contact emergency services to assist the injured victims.

The pickup truck driver now faces several charges, ranging from not providing help to leaving the accident scene. Regardless of the outcome of the Tennessee criminal case, the surviving spouse may decide to file both a wrongful death claim as well as personal injury claim against the seemingly negligent pickup truck driver. A successfully litigated claim may result in a financial award for damages arising from the accident.    

Source:, "Memphis, TN : Woman charged in deadly motorcycle crash on Wednesday", Sept. 26, 2016

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