10 tips for avoiding car accidents

An ounce of prevention is worth a million pounds of cure when it comes to car accidents. Indeed, considering that a car crash can result in catastrophic, life-changing injuries or death, those Tennessee drivers who are able to circumvent a serious crash will be doing themselves and others on the road the biggest favor of their lives. Funny enough, the smallest and simplest changes of behavior can be life-saving in this regard.

Let's take a look at 10 things drivers can do prevent seriously injurious car collisions:

-- Pull slowly into traffic, and always stop, look and listen before doing so.

-- Keep an eye out for red light violators. Counting to three and looking both ways, then looking again, before entering the intersection when the light turns green can prevent a lot of the most unfortunate crashes.

-- Keep one hand on your steering wheel at all times. Some Tennessee drivers think they're great at driving with their knees while drinking a cup of coffee or doing their makeup, but this is a huge mistake. One pothole or a gust of wind could send a vehicle flying out of control in an instant. No hands on the steering wheel translates into a dangerous delay in getting the vehicle back under control.

-- Be on the lookout for children and animals. Children and animals are often unpredictable in their behavior and they may suddenly dart out into traffic. Even if the driver can avoid hitting the animal or child, taking evasive action to successfully avoid them could also result in crash.

-- Look ahead at least 12 seconds in front. By scanning the area of space the vehicle will be driving through over the next 12 seconds, motorists have plenty of time to slow down and react to avoid potentially dangerous obstacles.

-- Physically look behind the vehicle when backing out. Drivers are well-served to turn their shoulders and necks to look behind them when backing up. There are just too many blind spots in mirrors that create the opportunity for an accident.

Tennessee drivers who follow the above suggestions will do a lot to prevent car accidents. However, it is not possible to prevent every form of crash, especially when sharing the road with less vigilant and often-negligent drivers. Fortunately, for those who have been injured by a negligent driver, financial restitution may be pursuable in court.

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